How a Marketing Consulting Firm Can Double Its Income by Including Offline Marketing Services

Every marketing consulting firm is now presented with huge opportunities to leverage its profit margins. This can be achieved by incorporating offline marketing services as part of their service offerings.

The range of services offered by marketing consulting businesses varies from the abstract or “pure” consulting services to a mixture of both consulting and real physical services.

However, the whole range of firms may benefit by investigating the advantages presented by offline marketing services. That includes firms that have not entered the Internet marketing consulting market to date.

Marketing consulting companies can render solution oriented services to their existing customer base and other prospective customers in commerce and industry that include -

Advertising – online and offline
Article marketing – on-site and offsite
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – on-page and off-page
Pay per Click (PPC)
Social networking – introduce non-experienced customers to Social Media
E-mail marketing
Marketing consulting firms have the opportunity to include the services traditionally offered by offline marketing services businesses in their service offerings.

There is always competitive pressure on marketing consulting businesses to keep on incorporating the newest technologies applicable to their field into their businesses. The cost of continually adding new services to their services line-up eats into their bottom line and forces such firms into higher charge rates.

On the other hand, these firms will stabilize their income streams by incorporating the services offered by offline marketing services into their services line up. This results largely from the current high and increasing demand for offline marketing services.

The high growth rate of doing business on the Internet continues to grow. More and more new and traditional businesses want to increase their slice of doing business on the Internet. The demand for offline marketing services will, like-wise, increase dramatically. Since the majority of businesses need to focus on their core business the demand for expertise available from services firms will increase exponentially.

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David de Wet has vast experience in management, information technology, marketing and real estate investment.

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