An Internet Marketing Consultant Can Lower Your Online Traffic Costs

Afraid it will be too expensive to invest in an internet marketing consultant for your online business? It is probably going to cost you a lot less than you think. And if you hire the right consultancy firm, it could be something that results in a great return on your investment.

Not all successful websites get all their traffic on their own. Many find that investing in paid traffic can bring about great results. Sometimes a cost of just a few pence can result in sales of many pounds. But before you get too excited about signing up for a paid advertising campaign, consider the fact that most successful campaigns are either successful after bleeding money for some time. Or, they’re successful because they’ve been executed by someone who’s an expert in the area of paid ad campaigns.

Investing in pay per click advertising can be smart. But it can be pricey if you jump in head first. An internet marketing consultant who is well versed in paid advertising programmes can help you keep your costs down and your results high.

Research – An essential element of pay per click

An internet marketing consultant who knows how to effectively manage a Google AdWords campaign, for instance, will do a fair amount of research before launching that campaign. Various factors will be examined, such as keyword popularity, competitive analysis, and other factors. The consultant should also look at existing traffic that your site (if you have one) is getting as well.

Carefully writing ads, strategically bidding on specific words and phrases, and working to get a good Google score (when doing a Google AdWords campaign) will all impact success and cost because you could improve page placement and lower price per click.

Online Advertising – Use More Than One Approach

Beyond one pay per click campaign, your consultant may suggest other strategies as well. Multiple strategies can help you carefully manage costs and examine results so that you can see where to allocate the majority of your marketing budget. Organic search engine optimisation, article marketing, cost per action networks, social marketing, paid Facebook ads, and other techniques could all contribute to your online success. Some are much cheaper than others.

Multiple approaches could also mean a lower cost per click. If, for example, you can get more traffic through organic results, you can lower your pay per click spend. And, the right approach will mean a lower cost per click as well because you won’t be dealing with keyword phrases that are too competitive.

Want to learn more about what an internet marketing consultant can do for you? Chris Jenkinson specialises in marketing advice and provides further advice about consulting services on his business website and on his marketing advice blog.

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